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We help make ideas happen. We will either build your ideas with you, or we'll connect you with an incredibly talented, trusted individual or company who can.


our expertise:

& Marketing

We like to start at the very beginning and build brands from the ground up. 


define the brand

First we define the brand strategy in the brand book, which should act as a road map or bible for the brand to follow as a guide throughout it's life. 

design the brand

Then we decide how the brand is going to look and feel. We design the logo, colors, fonts and all aesthetic details in the style guide, sometimes referred to as "corporate identity."

build the brand

Then we build the website, videos, marketing content, build a social media presence, set up analytics tracking. If there is something we think someone else can do better, we'll refer you.


market the brand

Last we decide how the brand is going to reach its target audience and ultimately grow. We will develop and execute a marketing strategy for your industry, audience and goals.


For Startups

We understand that most new companies do not yet have the budget for typical marketing agency fees for their marketing and branding. But how to start the brand then? It's a double edged sword. Because our favorite clients are new entrepreneurs and startups, we wanted to figure out a way to help the smalls guys get started. So, we created a a stream-lined system to deliver a branding or marketing strategy in just one day.


Blockchain Consulting

We offer a range of Blockchain consulting services including sourcing talent, intros to advisors, investors and other Blockchain experts, and ICO marketing strategy.



We can build Squarespace websites in a matter of days, one day if it's en emergency. We can also custom design and code websites from scratch, but that takes 10 times as long, so we rarely recommend that unless a company needs serious customization or data storage.

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The Blockchain

I started working on the Blockchain in March of 2015. I was asked to help out at a little Blockchain conference at Stanford University. Attending this conference was the first time that I really learned about the Blockchain and the immense gravity that this technology will have on the future.

Two years later later, the Blockchain has suddenly become an extremely hot topic in the tech and investment communities. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the Blockchain is not a fad. This technology is not only here to stay, but it will quickly replace some of our society's oldest and must trusted institutions, banking and currency being at the top of the list. 

I absolutely believe that this technology holds the keys to how our society and global economy will evolve into the digital age, and I would be happy to share what I've learned about the Blockchain with anyone who's interested.

I am also absolutely available to help in the marketing and launching of any Blockchain related companies, CPO's, organizations, or individuals.   


If you don't yet know what the Blockchain is, start learning! This simple explanation of the Blockchain was presented by our client, Don Tapscott at Ted 2016. Fox Theory contributed to the visual design and animation of this TedTalk presentation.




115 W 18th Street

New York City

Our office is located in the very heart of New York City. We work in the Wework HQ office on 18th St. and 6th Ave. There's coffee, beer and wine on tap. Please do stop by for a visit!

Many dreamy young people, like Caitlin Connors, see unrealized opportunity everywhere they go.
— nathan heller - the new yorker
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